Future Foundation

Carbon System Homes Future Smart Wall Foundation

Carbon System Homes Future Smart Wall Foundation system offer an economical and efficient way to provide an insulated foundations and floors in one product.


Clear the topsoil, take levels and lay compacted hardcore 150mm deep. Radon sump and pipework are laid at this stage.


Place corners in position and set level.


Continue placement of ring beam profiles. Trim profiles as necessary to achieve a tight fit.


Place three layers of floor insulation sheets over the remaining foundation. Overlap sheets to achieve continuity of insulation. Secure with pins provided.


Install steel through the ring beam profiles and place steel mesh reinforcement according to our structural engineer’s design. (Supplied).


Insulated foundation system is now complete and ready to take 100mm concrete.

  • Suitable for all ground conditions
  • Suitable for all building types (ie brick /block, timber-frame etc)
  • Lowest U-values
  • Eliminates wall floor cold bridge
  • System will not diminish over time and is unaffected by water
  • Passive slab approved

Send us your architectural plans and we will give you a detailed quotation, outlining how our system will save you money, by using less materials, labour and time!

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